Sunday, February 14, 2010

im scared.

its been a while.
well, been busy with study and a lot of useless stuff-thats me.(^_^)
i hate when im become like this. still fooling around. final exam in just 2more days.
still have a lot to study.
especially PAI, never know what i read, in simpler word, i slept in all class.

and something really bother me, but i like it.
starting to develop a feeling. guess what?
and im scared of losing that one.

sometimes i get emotional-stupid one.
this gonna be my last post and will be back on 1/3/10.
so, pray for me.
n im so sorry for all my wrong doings.

2 orang makan katak:

Nurhanisah said...

shiken, ganbatte! :)

Syakir said...

pray for me.
thank kak senpai.